• Top Frequently Asked Intellectual Property Questions

    A compilation of the top questions we receive about patents, provisional applications, non-disclosure agreements, patent searches and infringement, answered by expert IP strategist John Ferrell.

  • Monopoly Protection

    90-Minute Guide to Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets

  • How to Protect Your Inventions and Ideas Outside of the U.S. - Growing your business in foreign markets is just as important to your company's success as protecting your brand and intellectual capital domestically..

  • 7 Steps to Selling your Invention

    "Inventing for Money" is a practical, accessible guide to licensing your invention. Based on his 25 years working with start-ups and independent inventors, patent attorney John Ferrell outlines the process of protecting, pitching and monetizing inventions in 7 simple steps

  • Fast Patents

    When it comes to hi-tech innovation, timing is everything. Get a patent in less than a year.

  • What is a Copyright?

    Copyright is a fundamental form of intellectual property for technology companies, protecting the tangible expression of ideas against unauthorized copying and distribution.

  • America Invents Act

    On September 16, 2011, the President signed the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act into law. While less comprehensive than many in the legal community might have hoped, the new legislation nevertheless represents the most significant overhaul of the American patent system in 60 years.

  • Trademark FAQs

    Trademark FAQs

    We have compiled practical answers to some of the most common questions about trademarks.

  • Top Level Domain Names

    Top Level Domain Names

    The Trademark Clearinghouse is Open: Should You Register?

  • Cyberspace Primer: Domain Disputes

    Cyberspace Primer: Domain Disputes

    Excerpted from Cyberspace Law and Policy: A Primer for State Policymakers 2010

  • Protecting IP Rights

    Old Wine in New Bottles: Protecting IP Rights in Hundreds More Top-Level Domains

    What business lawyers and general counsels need to know about the new top level domains

  • How to Protect Your Idea Without a Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement

    When sharing your idea with others, there are times when the receiving party refuses to sign your NDA. This video will provide a solution that will allow you to disclose your invention and then follow up with what John Ferrell describes as a post-facto NDA.

  • Strategic IP: What's Your Patent Strategy?

  • What is a "stealth invention?"

  • What are the steps for filing a patent application?

  • How much does a patent application cost?

  • What are Patents?

  • Why do patents matter?

  • What is a Provisional Patent Application?

  • Fast Patents

    The Strong Patent Check List Twenty-One Signs of a Well Written Patent