Monopoly Protection: The 90-Minute guide to Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets
is ideal for any professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. To learn more about these key components please visit the links below.

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Swimming with Sharks

Patents are critically important to many kinds of businesses, particularly businesses that rely on technology and innovation for effectively competing with others in their industry. Without patents, operating a technology business is akin to swimming in a shark tank with a nosebleed.

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The $20 Rolex

Trademarks help in preventing conflicting words, names, or symbols from being confused with similar products or services. Imitation Rolex watches are commonly sold cheap on the streets of New York. A company, like Rolex, that takes pride in the products it makes and sells will not want to have the value of those products diminished by cheap knockoffs. This is why a trademark is so important to protect a company’s reputation.

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"Morning After Pill" for NDA's

When sharing your trade secrets with others, there are times when the receiving party may refuse to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. One suggestion if you are refused a signature on an NDA, is to ask if the invention could be shared in confidence. After you receive a verbal agreement, follow up the next day with a letter thanking them for keeping the invention in confidence. The letter will create a record of the oral non-disclosure agreement.

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Napster Demise

The exclusive rights established by a copyright present a creator with the capability of capitalizing on their creation in a multitude of avenues without concern of unauthorized exploitation. Napster users were exchanging copyrighted songs and several years of copyright-related court battles led to Naptster’s demise in 2002.

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Client Testimonials

John Ferrell is hands down the most insightful and innovative IP lawyer I have ever met. We’ve recommended him to countless of our most successful clients and have built the expanding monopoly that Strategic Coach enjoys entirely on the strategies, structures, and processes that John lays out in this book.
Dan Sullivan // Strategic Coach, Inc.
Having worked with John Ferrell since the formative stages of Polycom, I’ve come to value his contribution as much more than just patent counsel. He sees through to the core of product differentiation and develops an intellectual property roadmap to provide strong protection from $0 - $1 billion in revenue.
Brian L. Hinman // CEO of Mimosa Networks, Inc. and former CEO of 2Wire, Inc. and Polycom, Inc.