Client Testimonials

I love the way Carr & Ferrell writes and manages patents. They have turned a task that I dreaded when I worked with previous patent firms into one that is interesting and enjoyable. I actually look forward to our quarterly meetings!
Craig Knoblock / Co-Founder of Geosemble
Language Weaver
Carr & Ferrell has helped transform our software company's scientific and business innovations into a super-strong IP portfolio. C&F's strategic modules on Trade Secrets, Defensive Strategy, and Patent Cluster Maps have been a great help to us. The attorneys at C&F are highly communicative, and they provide concise, practical answers to our questions. Having worked with other IP firms, I can certainly say that Carr & Ferrell is a cut above the rest.
Kevin Knight / Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Languageweaver
Carr & Ferrell's "Building Strategic IP" framework provides the tools and services Purfresh was looking for to build out its IP portfolio. The Cluster Map allowed us to identify areas of opportunity, and to define and communicate strategy. Carr & Ferrell also provides the tools and expertise to set priorities based on business direction and budgets. Carr & Ferrell's attorneys have been partners in defining the strategy, and have been immensely responsive and competent across the spectrum of our needs, whether the issue is to get an application written and filed quickly, or to get legal advice on complex IP or contract matters.
Michael Weber / Vice President of Engineering for Purfresh
Tech Coast Angels

As a former patent lawyer and law firm managing partner I carefully chose Carr & Ferrell to represent my most significant venture investment in connection with its IP matters. I have been continually impressed with the quality of the team and strategic insight Carr & Ferrell has deployed in crafting the protection of our most valuable assets.
Richard Morgenster / Board of Governors of Tech Coast Angels
Invent Right

John Ferrell and Barry Carr have taken exceptional care of me and my intellectual property for over 12 years. John's team of patent attorneys helped write a portfolio of over ten U.S. patents to protect just one of my ideas! When that idea was infringed upon, Barry Carr's team was in Federal Court with me each step of the way. They have helped me to refine my business plans, supported my goals when times were tight and argued my case in contract discussions. I know that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to support my goals as a client. They have also offered their excellent service to other inventors that I have referred. They are, and will always be, my legal counsel.
Stephen Key / Co-Founder of Stephen Key Design, LLC
The Allen Groupe
If you are serious about protecting your intellectual capital then you will retain Carr & Ferrell. We have found the "experience" to be rejuvenating and exciting which is the first time I have ever used those words when describing an attorney's office. Their unique process gives you clarity not only about their process but also to what your deliverable is to your own client. In today's marketplace it is easy to think in terms of your commodity, but usually your customer is hiring you for other reasons; Carr & Ferrell helps you understand those reasons and protect you so that your would-be competitors can't duplicate it.
David Allen / President of The Allen Group