Patent Sales

At Carr & Ferrell LLP, we specialize in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, including the sale of underperforming IP assets. Using a thorough due diligence process, our industry specialists help analyze your technology and identify qualified buyers, enabling you to find the best value for your IP portfolio. Click this link to learn more about our process.

What We Do

For each offered portfolio, we do extensive due diligence, create an individualized portfolio offering binder and information-packed CD-Rom, create a secure online data room where each potential purchaser can access all relevant due diligence information, conduct one-on-one due diligence sessions with interested purchasers and document and close the final sale of the portfolio. We believe that the features described above, together with our individually tailored sales/auction process, enhances the chances of our clients’ successful sale of their patent assets.

Due Diligence Made Easy

We understand that in order to optimize the sale of any particular patent portfolio, prospective buyers need to have convenient, easy access to relevant due diligence materials. Our secure on-line data rooms give interested purchasers access to all relevant information needed to conduct their due diligence investigations, including the patents, patent file wrapper histories, relevant licenses, liens upon the portfolio, title documents etc. We augment this information by conducting one-on-one due diligence sessions between our patent attorneys and interested buyers.

For more information on our IP services, give us a call at 650.812.3436.

Carr & Ferrell LLP does not promise or guarantee that any particular patent can be sold to a particular buyer, or at a specified price, or within the desired time frame. Acceptance into the program is at the sole discretion of Carr & Ferrell LLP.

Patent Sales

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