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Apr 16, 2015

vArmour Expands Patent Portfolio for Data Center Security

Carr & Ferrell LLP announced today that vArmour, Inc., the data center security company, is rapidly adding to its existing patent portfolio. With four patents already issued by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office and 14 additional patent applications recently filed, vArmour’s expanding portfolio will cover the micro-segmention of virtualized and physical workloads enabled by vArmour’s distributed security technology to protect enterprise’s most critical assets – their data.

“We are very excited to represent vArmour during this next phase of growth,” Carr & Ferrell attorney John Ferrell said. “They have structured a substantial patent portfolio built around a framework of inter-related, individual patents that will provide crucial protection for vArmour’s revolutionary new approach to data center security.”

Virtualization and cloud computing are blurring the lines of the perimeter. Traditional perimeter security is no longer enough to protect companies from advanced cyber attacks. Modern attackers move laterally inside the data center, necessitating a new breed of security controls to stop them. 

“Through micro-segmentation and distributed security, vArmour is transforming how enterprises and service providers protect critical assets across their physical, virtual and cloud environments. We deliver contextual insights and dynamic controls to prevent and remediate advanced cyber attacks, allowing businesses to safely realize the rewards of moving to the cloud,” said vArmour Co-Founder and CTO, Michael Shieh. 

“Enterprises and service providers benefit significantly from our patented security technology, providing them with simplified operations, accurate threat detection, IT agility, and better cloud economics,” continued Roger Lian, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at vArmour.

vArmour was founded on the idea that security needed to be turned on its head – the rise of the cloud, virtualization and the Internet of Things had pushed the limits on existing systems. In a world without perimeters, security needed to follow other infrastructure components and become a software-based, distributed system. By moving the security controls to protect each individual workload, assets can be micro-segmented. With its issued and pending patents, vArmour’s distributed system enforces business policies on every asset in the environment, regardless of the workload’s location or movement in the data center.

More can be read about this topic on vArmour’s blog.

About Carr & Ferrell LLP 
Carr & Ferrell is a full-service law firm uniquely positioned to provide strategic patent and intellectual property, corporate, financing and litigation services. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley’s technology and venture capital community, our attorneys leverage their technical, business and legal expertise to help emerging companies and investors transform business concepts into industry leading enterprises. A strong and focused firm, we have made senior level attention a hallmark of our clients' experience.

About vArmour 
Based in Mountain View, CA, vArmour is the data center security company that transforms how organizations protect their virtualized and cloud assets in a world without perimeters. The company was founded in 2011 and has raised $42 million in funding led by Highland Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Citi Ventures, Work-Bench Ventures and Allegis Capital. vArmour is leading the industry with a new patented, distributed approach to data security that allows organizations to deliver IT at the speed of business. Learn more at http://www.vArmour.com.

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