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What is Strategic Intellectual Property?

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Every great company has some form of competitive advantage.  This advantage may be exceptional expertise, location or technology; but in order to survive and succeed, every business must find a distinguishing edge.

Two decades of working with Silicon Valley’s leading startups have taught us that the most powerful competitive advantage is the ability to deliver a unique experience that customers simply cannot find anywhere else.  Great companies succeed by defining and protecting that unique experience, leveraging intellectual property to prevent competitors from providing a similar experience elsewhere.

Carr & Ferrell has worked with hundreds of companies to focus their IP in a strategic way that allows them to gain market share and dominate their industries.  Over the years, our firm has formalized this process and we now offer a comprehensive Strategic Intellectual Property (SIP) program.

  • Secure long-term market dominance
  • Become litigation-proof
  • Increase the value of your company
  • Prevent assets from leaving your company through former employees and vendors


Strategic IP evolves over three years, and is set-up in quarterly modules. During the first year of Strategic IP, the Building year, we identify the core experiences that drive your customers and design an intellectual property roadmap for protecting that experience.

We will begin to organize your Invention Inventory — that is, the ideas, technologies, processes, and other inventions that will enable long-term market dominance. This Invention Inventory meeting is the first of a carefully planned series of Strategy Sessions where we will work with you and your company over the coming years to implement and exercise the IP Strategies that are designed to completely transform your company.


The second year, the Defending year, is focused on organizing IP assets defensively in order to identify, avoid and prepare for potential intellectual property litigation. Litigation is expensive and distracting. We have developed some simple tactics that will encourage competitors to think twice before launching a patent suit in retaliation for the increasing loss of market share they will be facing in the years to come.


The third year of Strategic IP, the Competing year, centers on building value for the company, and using Intellectual Property assets to capture competitor market share. For those companies considering a monetization event such as an acquisition, merger or public offering, we will share with you strategies for enhancing valuation through portfolio positioning.

What our clients say about Strategic IP

“If you are serious about protecting your intellectual capital then you will retain Carr & Ferrell. We have found the "experience" to be rejuvenating and exciting which is the first time I have ever used those words when describing an attorney's office.” “The attorneys at C&F are highly communicative, and they provide concise, practical answers to our questions. Having worked with other IP firms, I can certainly say that Carr & Ferrell is a cut above the rest.”
David Allen
President - The Allen Group
Kevin Knight
Co-founder and Chief Scientist
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