CF Attorney Gary Reback's Latest Antitrust Fight in SF Chronicle

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 5:22:00 pm

Gary Reback, of counsel attorney at Carr & Ferrell, was featured last week in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on his push for a probe into internet search giant Google Inc's anti-competitive behaviors:


January 24, 2011|By James Temple, Chronicle Staff Writer

In the 1990s, attorney Gary Reback helped goad the Department of Justice into launching the landmark antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. by hauling willing witnesses and damning information before any government body that would listen.

Reback, of Menlo Park law firm Carr & Ferrell LLP, is now waging a similarly relentless campaign against a technology giant of this era, Google Inc.

In an extensive interview with The Chronicle, he argued the Mountain View search company is engaging in a host of anti-competitive behaviors that are no less egregious than the earlier actions of Microsoft.

He also claims the Federal Trade Commission recently backed off an inquiry into certain of Google's practices at the behest of the DOJ. It's known to be conducting a separate investigation into, and possibly preparing to block, the company's proposed acquisition of travel data company ITA Software. (Read on for his take on what that means.)

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Gary Reback is of counsel in the Litigation Practice Group of Carr & Ferrell. Mr. Reback specializes in intellectual property and trade regulation litigation and counseling. He has represented many of Silicon Valley's best known companies in high profile litigation and transactions and has won many technology cases in the Federal trial and appellate courts around the country, including Lotus v. Borland in the United States Supreme Court.

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